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How much does it cost?


The cost is $300 per quarter. Discounts for teams and family members available.


Open mat wrestling sessions available for walk-ins $10  and  a signed waiver by parents.

Do I need a USA Wrestling Card? 


All wrestlers must have a current USA Wrestling Card. The card is good for one year only. You must renew your card at the end of August each year. The cost of this card is $35 per year.  Instructions on how to purchase your card can be found on the USA Wrestling website under the 'USAW Card' tab. LINK

How do I register my child?

Fill out the Hold Harmless form and Wrestler Information form. You must also register and bring in a copy of your USA Wrestling Card. Completed waiver forms, a copy of your child's USAW card, and the club registration fee should be submitted to Steven Goode. You may pay by check at the practice location. 

When is registration?

Tigergoode Wrestling Club has open registration. Your child may join at anytime during the year or season.

What if my child decides they don't like wrestling?


Our registration fees are nonrefundable. We encourage all beginning wrestlers to try a practice for free before joining the club. However, they must still purchase a USA Wrestling Card and complete the Hold Harmless waiver in order to practice. 

TigerGoode FAQ


What should my child wear to practice?


All wrestlers must wear shorts, a t-shit and wrestling shoes. Street shoes are not allowed on the mats.

What gear does my child need??


  • Wrestling shoes

  • If your child will be attending tournaments with the Tigergoode Competition Team he or she must have a Tigergoode singlet. 

  • Head gear is optional

  • Knee guards are also optional

What style does the club wrestle?

Tigergoode Wrestling Club practices are geared toward Folk Style all year round. We teach Free Style and Greco in the spring and summer sessions. 

When are tournaments?

Tournaments are held on Saturdays starting in March and running through September. When the tournament schedule is available it will be published on the Club Schedule page and updated weekly on Tigergoode Facebook page.  Tournament registration fees are normally between $20 to $35 per tournament per wrestler. Formore information, please refer to the 'Calender' page of the site.

How do I know if my child is ready to wrestle in a tournament?

Talk to Head Coach Steven Goode or any of the other coaches on the staff.  Our coaches have your child's best interests at heart and have been coaching wrestling for many years. If your child is ready, the coaches will let you know. You should also ask you child's middle school and high school coach. 

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